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During my health issues over the past 4 years I was been unable to do any glass work. So I started playing around with some music again, looking for any outlet to try and be creative. I always wanted to really explore it when I was younger but never really gave it a honest attempt. Back then I think I just put way too much weight on it, thinking I'd have to do it for a living if I got in to it. I took piano lessons very briefly and took the music theory class at the local community college, but that feels like ages ago. From there I went to massage school and finally ending up doing my glass work. Now I'm not putting any weight on music... I'm just trying to have fun. Most of this is me just playing around, sometimes collabing with a friend. I've also started playing around some with video editing. I expect I'll make some videos with original music every once in while. Look for the down arrow on the right hand sight of the music player to download any songs if you're interested. Thank you for checking out my stuff...

next time I see you... by b1zR

Made mid-May 2011. I feel like this song is a little bit more musical than the other ones I've made.

What We Need in the United States(feat Robert Kennedy) by b1zR

This speech always brought tears to my eyes... I had made some music I liked and wanted to get some experience playing around with some vocals. It's longer than I wanted it because I originally had video I wanted to put it to. So I used most of the speech instead of chopping it up. There are still a few things I haven't quite figured out yet so no video for the moment. This track features my friend Mike Izzie on guitar.

On April 4, 1968 Robert Kennedy was campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination. He spoke at Notre Dame and Ball State focusing on domestic issues ranging from the Vietnam War to racism. He was to give a final speech that day in Indianapolis. As he was boarding the plane Kennedy was informed that Dr. Martin Luther King had just been shot. When the plane landed he learned that King had passed. His speechwriters immediately started drafting notes for the coming rally speech. Kennedy refused all notes, he spoke from the heart. He arrived at the rally to find the crowd in a upbeat mood, anticipating an exhilarating Kennedy appearance. The Indianapolis Chief of Police advised Kennedy to cancel the campaign stop informing him that he would be unable to provide adequate protection to the Senator if the crowd were to riot. Regardless, Kennedy stepped up to a podium mounted to the back of a flatbed truck and said this... [song]

Following Dr. Martin Luther King's assassination, riots broke out in over 125 cities throughout the country including Washington DC, Detroit, Baltimore, and many more. Indianapolis was one of the few major urban cities to remain calm..

2 months and 1 day later Robert F Kennedy was shot and killed…

dub & dubstep by b1zR

These are the first two songs I did that are all me and didn't use any loops other than ones I made. = ) Made at the end of 2010.

JayZ vs Bonobo vs Bat for Lashes vs Erykah Badu by b1zR

*EXPLICIT LYRICS* Made this with my friend Anthony a while back...

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DJ Style Gate by Bizzano

Here's my DJ style gate effect device rack for Ableton Live for anybody that wants to check it out...

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