Photography was the first medium I truly explored, playing with my father's old "all manual" Minoltas when I was a child. I loved the idea of capturing a moment and finding unique perspectives to share. I think it helped with my future glass designs because it taught me color and composition. I worked at a local camera shop off and on during my high school years developing and printing negatives and photos. I worked there primarily for the discount to acquire more gear. When I was younger I had a black and white darkroom set up and would spend all night developing new photos. Once I got in to glass work I realized how lucky I was to have the photo knowledge, most people learn glass and THEN realize they need to learn photography. Unless they want to pay someone else a lot to document their work.

I'm organizing a lot more photos to share on here very soon. I'm also working out the final details of a print on demand service so prints of my photos can be ordered. In the mean time I am capable of printing up to 11x14, 11x17, and even slightly larger (but no standard sizes). If you would like to order a signed print of any image you see here, please CONTACT me!